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RS Reference: Radeberger Group, Radeberg

An amber yellow Pilsner glass floats in front of the brightly lit Semper Opera House. “It is about time to celebrate a beer, such as brewed in Germany, that does not even exist anywhere else. This is where it is at home. From the German brewery that was the first to brew according to the Pilsner, and is still doing so today. A Radeberger.” That is how a sonorous voice praises the beer, which in Germany counts among the top ten, in a television commercial and which has asserted itself internationally as a premium beer. That premium products can only be manufactured under premium conditions should be obvious. Likewise, that everywhere Radelberger still uses hose lines the fittings come from, among others, the company RS Roman Seliger, the premium in the hose line engineering sector.

The purity requirement applies just as much to the fittings

Technical wholesaler IBS GmbH Schlauch- und Armaturentechnik from Grüna near Chemnitz has accompanied the development for years. Whenever the topic in this modern brewery revolves around hose engineering the specialists from Grüna were asked for, who Radeberger Brewery fabricate individual and customised hose lines from the components of the hoses and the corresponding integrations. “At the same time, for anything regarding fitting technology we always relied on the premium brand in this sector, on RS, and the RS quality Made in Germany”, says IBS Managing Director grad. math. Werner Schaarschmidt. In the foodstuffs area, naturally there are different requirements than in the chemicals industry where high-quality fittings are safety relevant. In breweries, the main thing is the question of hygiene, i.e., the maintenance of the purity requirement for beer. But the same applies to all components that either come into contact with the beer or its primary products. And in connection with that, naturally also the requirement for the highest quality, consequently down to the last detail. Also in standard products like the Safety clamp screw couplings from RS.

Hose lines “with ID card”

There are also safety clamp screw couplings acc EN/ISO 14420-2/-3/-5 (DIN 2817) at Radeberger in nearly all usual nominal widths, in various materials (brass, stainless steel, steel, aluminium, polypropyles), for all possible pressures (when using corresponding hoses up to 25 bar operating pressure) and all imaginable seals (made of polyurethane or – for stainless steel – made of PTFE). The advantages of these safety clamp screw couplings are obvious: They can be mounted easier and quicker and can be reused. Even if the hose components need to be replaced. In such cases, the Radeberger Quality Officer Björn Hühnlein, Chief of Operations Monitoring, only needs to take a look at the identification cuff on the hose connection and forward the data to IBS. Hühnlein: “One call to IBS with the ident number information suffices and shortly later we have the exact customised product back in our company.”

Radeberger Brauerei, Radeberg near Dresden

Facts – figures – data

The Radeberger Export Beer Brewery has increased its output fivefold since 1990. The prerequisite for that was investments of over 230 m. That enabled the Sudhaus, designed based on the latest aspects with fermentation and storage cellar plus filtration plant, to be put into operation in 1992. The storage cellar was expanded in 1996, the filtration was expanded and a filled goods hall was officially opened. In 1999, the Sudhaus was extended once more and in 2001 the capacity of the fermentation cellar once again increased.

The brewery now has three of the most modern bottle filling plants in Germany.



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