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In 1896 Ludwig Müller founded a small village dairy in Aretsried — the start of a success story. Today, Müller Milch is part of the Theo Müller Corporate Group and the market leader in dairy products. Sachsenmilch AG, headquartered in Saxon Lepperdorf, is also part of the corporate association of the Müller Group. The factory is part of the most modern milkprocessing operation in Europe, using ca 1.6 billion litres of milk to produce its products. To continually maintain this production pace, along with competent employees, the machines also need to be of the very highest quality. And at Müller Milch that already starts in detail, for instance in the hoses and hose fittings.

To prevent production breakdowns right from the start and to guarantee a uniformly high level of processes, Müller Milch relies above all on hose fittings from the RS brand. That includes, e.g., safety clamp screw couplings with safety collars and pressed aluminium shells. The advantages of drop-forged clamps are obvious: They can be mounted easier and quicker, seal flat and can be reused. RS compression sleeve fittings with ball hose supports and integrated safety collars for compression sleeves are also being used at Müller.

But even the best fittings can only achieve success if the hoses being used are of the same quality. For that reason, IBS in Grüna takes care of the hose prefabrication. IBS is specialised in hose lines of all kinds along with testing and managing them. At Müller Milch, the interplay of both companies works like this: for hygienic reasons, all the hoses deployed are replaced every six months. To do that, after finishing their service, they are cut off just under the mounted fittings. The fittings are taken over by IBS for recycling. Based on the number attached to a plate on the hose ends, IBS can precisely identify each hose and model along with the
size and purpose. The number provides information about the point at which a machine has been using the hose and how long. After the customised production of a new hose, the RS fittings are separated from the scrapped hose ends, cleaned and mounted on new hoses. They are returned to the factory to start their service for the next six months. At Müller Milch, this cleaning and replacement system ensures uniform quality of the processed perishable milk products. On top of that, it reduces the costs to a minimum.

Periodic replacement

Milk is considered a highly sensitive food. Everywhere that it is shipped or processed, the strictest hygiene regulations are applied. And that’s why the hoses at Müller Milch are replaced with new ones based on a 6 month rhythm. On the other hand, the stainless steel RS fittings can be easily and safely cleaned.

Reliable interface

At the refill station at Müller Milch, the tankers with the raw milk are emptied. This process is considered extremely prone to small „accidents“, as the milk has to be conducted into the boiler at a high flow rate. The ideal nominal hose width and a streamlined fitting seat are decisive here. The interaction of the hoses and RS fittings is perfect for this requirement also.

A match for any pressure

The clamp screw couplings and hose connectors with safety collar and pressed aluminium shells used at Müller Milch are suitable for use in corresponding hoses for operating pressures up to 25 bar (with hose connections made of aluminium up to 16 bar, for hose connections made of polypropyles up to 10 bar). In the aluminium shell connectors, the seals are made of polyurethane, stainless steel shell connectors have PTFE seals.

Molkerei Alois Müller GmbH & Co.KG

Facts – figures – data

Molkerei Alouis Müller GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1896 as a small dairy by Ludwig Müller in Aretsried. After the dairy was carried on by the son starting in 1938, Theo Müller took over the management of the company in 1971 in the third generation, which only had four employees back then. By using numerous process and production innovations, the company rapidly developed into the first dairy in Germany with national distribution of fresh-milk products. In 1977 the annual sales were already 50 m. DM. In the 80’s, the company founded a series of subsidiaries and started expanding into the European markets. In 1992, the brand awareness of Müller surpassed the 90% mark. In the mid 90’s, Müller purchased a factory being constructed for Sachsenmilch in Leppersdorf which one year later counted among the largest and most modern dairies in Europe. Up to 1999, the company invested over 500 m. Euros in this site. In 2003, the Theo Müller GmbH & Co. KG corporate group was founded as the Holding of the Group. And with that, Müller advanced to being a global player.


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